Coaching Resources

This page provides links to some resources which you may find helpful.

For a starter, here are some tips sheets which I developed in the last few years. Click on the links to download a PDF of each file.

1. A simple exercise called “Bugs and Buzzes” which can be used to open a group meeting, and to develop a shared agenda. It is also useful for creating a positive, appreciative outlook

Coaching Tips 1 – Bugs and Buzzes

2. An exercise developed through work with a number of coaching clients. Called “In their Shoes“, this takes a seemingly simple approach and sets a context, so that the coaching client can really think through different perspectives on a problem.

Coaching Tips 2 – In their Shoes

3. I produced a tip sheet on “Networking” a while ago after I realised that so many people either consider networking to be too difficult, or not something that they do. It’s an essential skill for anyone – and the tips in the sheet should help you to get started:

Coaching Tips 3 – Networking

4. This sheet describes a “Working Model for Handling Change” which I developed from a conversation with a Chief Executive who I coached through a big change project. It’s a useful way to ensure that we don’t lose sight of the different dimensions of past, present and future whilst leading a change process:

Coaching Tips 4 – Working Model for Handling Change

… And then, I have been working on a book based on some of the ideas that I blog about. This book (working title is “The Coaching 30”) is nearly complete. In the meantime, here is an extract:

The Coaching 4

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