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I’ve been a leader at many different levels in organisations now for 30 years. That includes working at junior management, middle management, senior management, director and non-executive. It’s true that you don’t need direct experience to coach someone in their area of expertise – but it does help if you have context and experience.


My freelance business has been running for 10 years now, and I also lead a team in the English NHS which is highly entrepreneurial, developing a series of innovative programmes. I can work with you on approaches to business growth and ensuring that you keep the organisation you work with fit for purpose.

The loneliness of being at the top

It can be a real challenge working as “the boss”. Coaching can be a great space in which to talk safely about the isolation of being in a leadership position.


Many of the blog posts on this website are about the wide range of creative techniques I have developed over the years. My background as a writer and all-round creative means that I can bring diverse creative approaches to the coaching experience.


In this busy busy world we need approaches that work, that cut through the noise and distraction. I can help you with techniques that will increase your productivity and tackle issues of overload, burn-out and poor balance in the different areas of your life.

Being the maverick in organisations

Every organisation needs a maverick or two to ensure that it doesn’t become safe and “cosy” in its approach, because that leads to poor quality and bad outcomes. But the maverick can often feel like the odd one out, misunderstood or completely marginalised. I can work with you to make sure that your role as a maverick is seen as a strength rather than ¬†liability. We will also work on approaches that make sure you are effectively supported in your work environment.

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