Free Laser Coaching Session

P1020330-001So, you think the idea of coaching might be useful. You are interested in finding a coach. But you don’t want to make a commitment until you have checked it out.

What’s more, you could do with finding out a bit more about coaching before you finally decide whether you want to be coached.

That’s where a free Laser Coaching Session comes in.

What’s Laser Coaching?

See it as a taster. It’s an opportunity to speak to me about a specific issue and see where we get to in 15 minutes. A typical coaching session lasts anything from 1 to 2 hours and gets into a lot of depth on issues. This is a chance to look at how coaching might work for you. In the space of 15 minutes we can open up a single issue, see what is happening for you and unpick what the way forward might be. No-one can work a miracle in 15 minutes – but it’s the chance to see what can be done in a short time with coaching techniques.

Interested? Get in touch with me:

UK mobile: 0786 753 8101 (text or leave a voicemail if I don’t answer)


Email by clicking here:  


Direct message me on Twitter: @thestuarteglin

I will reply as soon as I can and arrange a time for us to speak either by phone, Skype, Facetime or Google Hangouts. There is no commitment – just an opportunity for you to find out a bit more about me, about coaching, and to try out coaching with a problem or issue that you are dealing with at the moment.

Get in touch and let’s give it a try.


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