Free Stuff

This is probably the first page that many people navigate to on a website when they see the menus that are available. For now, most of the free stuff on this site can be found in the blog, where I have over 500 posts with ideas about an incredibly diverse range of subjects. Below are booklets available for free.


If you would like to stream some music and spoken word, please follow this link to Bandcamp where there are tracks to stream and download if you like them.

Times of the Wise Old Man

The latest collection of poetry, written throughout 2012. Called ” Times of the Wise Old Man (2012)” Click the title to download the pdf.

Spirit Soul: Pursuance

A collection of poems from 2010, called Spirit Soul: Pursuance please click on the title to see the pdf.

Scrapes Against the Soul

Follow the link to see a collection of poems from 2009, called ‘Scrapes against the Soul’. Click here to download the pdf.

  Zen Words

Here is a pdf of one of my collections of poetry. Called ‘Zen Words’,  which can be downloaded to your computer by following this link.