Other Works

Here is a list of my publications to date. If you are interested in seeing any of these please contact me. Over the coming months these publications will be made available in pdf format through this site, and for purchase in book format.

zen words cover

umbrian images cover





Zen Words (2003)                          Umbrian Images (1997)



Working with Archetypes, PhD Thesis (2004)

The Coaching 4 (2010)

Values Count (2017)



Sharp Blue / Breath (1985)

edge of water (1989)

the kingfisher’s testimonial (1992)

Case Notes Poems (1995)

foundlings (1995)

Blue’s Song of the Earth (1996)

angels under the carpet (1997)

Brother Spirit Brother Soul (1998)

sounds, sights, smells, soft, sweet (1998)

the kingfisher’s bequest (2001)

the alice conversations (2004)

Avenues of In Between (2005)

Spin (2006)

Scrapes against the Soul (2009)

November Suite (2009)

Spirit Soul: Pursuance (2010)

Times of the Wise Old Man (2012)

It Begins Like This (2015)

Blue: Experiments in Sound (2017)


the butterfly principle (2009)

The Journey (forthcoming)