Values Count (2017)


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The world is falling apart, governments are losing control of their economies and of their tax levying powers. With this backdrop, I set out to describe how values based working can act as an antidote to the problems we face. Beginning with my own experience and setting out a range of practical approaches that can be taken to develop a values base, I also look at large-scale examples of values based approaches and identify some of the challenges that are faced by corporations. This is a practical book which shows how to develop a values based framework, as well as showing how to set this in the context of a wider personal development approach.

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“I would heartily recommend this book for anyone wanting to understand why values are important at work and also how to practically use your values as a compass to guide every-day decision making, culture and communications. Stuart shares in detail his organisation’s specific values, describes what they are (and what they are not) to bring tangible context to what can often seem like ‘words on a laminate’ which are then shoved in a drawer or a HR manual. We are provided with a personal, frank and detailed overview of how values have transformed an organisation and how it helps focus attention on ‘how’ work is achieved – not just blindly chasing a goal at any cost. You really get a sense of great work being delivered for a wider societal benefit.

“As a coach, I will definitely be using some of Stuart’s values identification exercises with clients which are shared freely. In addition there are some excellent case studies of where organisations have compromised on their values and what this has meant overall for their brand. Fair warning for us all!

“If you want to start out on a journey towards understanding your contribution to the world, then this book will help you ‘put yourself back together again’. ”

– Jayne Harrison

“This is a very readable and practical book, which has been crafted in the workplace and not from a vantage point far removed. Use of words like inclusivity and humility would never feature on the Apprentice, and that in itself is a good enough reason to read this book…if you think the world needs fewer people chasing pounds and treading on heads to do it, and more people applying values in the work they do, then this book is for you.”

– Tom Bell


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